Need For Speed

Ben Aaron from WPIX11 joins us for a day of Thundercat Racing on the Long Island Sound.

After meeting reporter Ben Aaron at the Norwalk Boat Show we invited him to tag along for a day of Thundercat racing on the Long Island Sound. A big thanks to Lighthouse Marina for hosting, and to Ben Aaron and the folks at WPIX11 for coming out and seeing what IBR is all about.

Testing with TX-TF1

Testing with TX-TF1

IBR went down south to spend a week demoing the Phoenix HPN-420 with Texas A&M Task Force 1.

TX-TF1 put Raptor Marine’s performance rescue vessel to the test. Powered by refined horsepower from Raider Outboards, the Phoenix HPN-420 hit the water hard and fast.

Heroes Tribute

Heroes Tribute

In commemoration of the first responders of September 11th, IBR teamed up with The Human Baton and The Veteran’s Trust for an exhibition at Fort Lauderdale Beach.

This exciting, first-of-its-kind event featured athletes moving between action sports events in the air, on land and water around Las Olas Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Four teams representing law enforcement, fire department, military, and local patriots participated in a Human Baton exhibition that included skydiving from helicopters, a Thundercat boat rally, drift, and GT cars.

IBR was honored to be a part of this momentous event.

The Heroes Tribute was the first time The Human Baton experience was actualized all at once. Athletes arrived on the beach by parachute where their team members helped them change their gear, pit crew style. From there, the batons raced on foot to the auto events. After a dizzying drift ride and a GT drag race, the athletes ran back down to the beach, jumping into the boats that were waiting for them, and took off on the final leg of their race- a Thundercat circuit rally.

IAWRP Symposium 2021

IAWRP 2021

The International Association of Water Rescue Professionals Symposium in South Bend, IN.

IAWRP 2021 brought together first responders, instructors and vendors for a networking & training event. The organization was founded in 2012, and has grown into a respected gathering for international water rescue professionals to network, learn, and gear up their department.

For the vendor exhibit, IBR brought Phoenix series search & rescue boats by Raptor Marine.

We are excited to introduce these vessels to the US market, and were happy with the positive response we received from attendees.

What stands out at IAWRP is the sense of community.

First responders and fire departments from across the country come together to share knowledge socialize and learn. Vendors mix with organizers, and everyone lends a helping hand. To learn more or get involved with IAWRP, visit their website.

The Human Baton

Team IBR.US Thundercat Racing The Human Baton Race

The Human Baton

The Human Baton is a Super Sport Relay Race where the athlete passes between events like skydiving, desert rally and Thundercat Racing

We are thrilled to sponsor Team IBR.US as one of the flagship teams in The Human Baton race. Join us as we watch them navigate these extreme sport events through air, land and sea! 

The Human Baton is a new race experience.

Expert drivers and their vehicles come from five different race disciplines to form each team to compete in the global race series. The Baton will endure each leg of the race as a co-pilot and navigator, keeping the world engaged throughout the journey.

Every Second Counts

Team IBR.US is currently looking for drivers and sponsors.

If you are looking to get involved with THB as a driver send us an email for more information. If you are a business looking to sponsor a team in a fast growing extreme sport, please contact our marketing department.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

2020 was a challenge, but in spite of it all there were moments of light that shone through.

As this year approaches its eagerly anticipated end we want to dwell on the good people, experiences, and opportunities that kept us going.

Building Community

Along the way we kept our doors open for experienced racers as well as amateurs and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Building a Thundercat community in the US is a job we could not do alone.

By keeping open lines of communication with clients, racers, and manufacturers we are building something for all of us.

Building Our Brand

Early this year IBR.US began importing recreational, rescue, and special operations watercraft.

Working with top manufacturers, and US partners we have expanded our line to meet the needs of all inflatable boat markets.

Whether for search & rescue, charters, or law enforcement, IBR.US has an inflatable boat that delivers versatility and performance.

Happy New Year

From the IBR.US Family, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe new year.

Despite the challenges of the last year, we are looking forward to what comes next!

New Smyrna Rally

New Smyrna Beach

A Thundercat Rally at New Smyrna Beach, FL, hosted by IBR.US, with special guests from The Human Baton

A friendly rally featuring the Florida Thundercat Family including teams from Raider Outboards, This Side Up Racing, and Air & Sea.



The Florida Thundercat Family is a tight group of inflatable boat racing teams on both coasts of the sunshine state.

This regional Thundercat Racing Club is both friendly and competitive. Veterans and new-comers are welcomed with open arms by teams made up of family members, friends, and small business sponsors.

Testing in Cape Town

Testing in Cape Town

After visiting the Gemini Marine headquarters in Cape Town, Henning Blauuw (COO) took us down to the harbor for a joy ride.

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are a safe and exciting alternative to traditional recreational outboard boats. Out in Cape Town Harbor, this watercraft performed exceptionally- maintaining speed and maneuverability despite choppy water.



IBR offers a variety of recreational soft bottom and rigid hull inflatable boats.

The Falcon Family

Boating on the river with the Falcon Inflatables Family

The Falcon Family

Marius Heyneman founded Falcon Inflatables in the 1985.

Over the years his wife, sons and daughter have joined him in making their family business one of the top brands in inflatable boat manufacturing.

When we arrived at Falcon we were greeted by founder Marius Heyneman, a legendary figure in South African inflatable culture.

Marius brought us to his office where we talked shop and listened to stories as he shared his experiences from the early days of Thundercat racing, through the journey of establishing his own manufacturing company. Conversation ranged from nostalgic to technical, from mutual friends to the development of welded seams.

Later, we had a chance to sit down and talk with Marius’ son, Chris about the future of Falcon Inflatables.

Chris Heyneman, along with his brother Marius Jr, took over the family business when their father retired. Building off their father’s legacy of quality and innovation, they are branching out and excited for what’s next.

After touring their headquarters, Marius invited us to the Falcon family estate.

Just outside Swellendam, the estate is a compound of houses, guest cabins, lapas and braii spots on a large tract of land that butts up against the river.

This is the foundation of Falcon, the family and the company,

Marius Jr. and Chris know the river like the backs of their hands. They chart it’s fluctuating depth and map the debris along the bottom regularly. This is where they jump the dam, racing up and down the river while testing the latest Falcon models.

After a sunset cruise on the family’s Falcon 575, we gathered around picnic tables by the river, had a couple beers and told boating stories until it got dark. Family to family, we at IBR were thrilled to get to know the Falcon Inflatables at work and play.

IBR 2020

Thundercat Racing inflatable boats for sale

IBR 2020

Get the inside scoop from a conversation with Deon Victor, founder and president of IBR.US

While the IBR team was in South Africa preparing for the Spring/Summer 2020 season we sat down with Deon Victor to look back on how we got here, and look forward to what’s next.