The Human Baton

The Human Baton

The Human Baton is a Super Sport Relay Race where the athlete passes between events like skydiving, desert rally and Thundercat Racing

We are thrilled to sponsor Team IBR.US as one of the flagship teams in The Human Baton race. Join us as we watch them navigate these extreme sport events through air, land and sea! 

The Human Baton is a new race experience.

Expert drivers and their vehicles come from five different race disciplines to form each team to compete in the global race series. The Baton will endure each leg of the race as a co-pilot and navigator, keeping the world engaged throughout the journey.

Every Second Counts

Team IBR.US is currently looking for drivers and sponsors.

If you are looking to get involved with THB as a driver send us an email for more information. If you are a business looking to sponsor a team in a fast growing extreme sport, please contact our marketing department.