IAWRP Symposium 2021

IAWRP 2021

The International Association of Water Rescue Professionals Symposium in South Bend, IN.

IAWRP 2021 brought together first responders, instructors and vendors for a networking & training event. The organization was founded in 2012, and has grown into a respected gathering for international water rescue professionals to network, learn, and gear up their department.

For the vendor exhibit, IBR brought Phoenix series search & rescue boats by Raptor Marine.

We are excited to introduce these vessels to the US market, and were happy with the positive response we received from attendees.

What stands out at IAWRP is the sense of community.

First responders and fire departments from across the country come together to share knowledge socialize and learn. Vendors mix with organizers, and everyone lends a helping hand. To learn more or get involved with IAWRP, visit their website.