Thundercat Racing. Search and rescue. Inflatable boats for everyone from scuba divers to special operations.

IBR provides premium quality rigid hull (RIB) and soft-bottom inflatable boats to clients around the world. It started in 2013 with world-championship winning brands of inflatable Thundercat Racing boats. Since then we have expanded our range to include: rescue, recreational and special operations watercraft.

Working with top international manufacturers, IBR is committed to providing our clients with the best.

By maintaining partnerships with internationally recognized brands of Thundercat Racing, inflatable boats, and RIBs, like Gemini Marine, Infanta Inflatables, and Falcon Inflatables, we are able to guarantee a level of quality that is not matched by our competitors in the US.

From outboard racing engines to boat covers or modifications, IBR can supply all your inflatable boat accessories.

Need anything from an engine to a tiller extension? No problem. We also do repairs and retrofitting. Race training? Corporate retreat? Special operations consult? We’ve got you covered.


Questions about models or specifications? Looking to make an order? For purchases, questions, and other inquiries send us an email or give us a call using our webform.