Relationships with our partners are a priority for us. Getting to know and trust the people we work with means we can be sure of the quality and service we provide to customers.

Because we value quality over profits, building relationships with manufacturers is essential. It means we know exactly where and how our products are made, because we have been there. It means we know the high levels of performance they are capable of, because we have tested them.


The Human Baton

The Human Baton is an international multi-sport relay race combining, among other events, Thundercat racing, endurance horse riding, drift cars and helicopters.

Athletes will participate in and endure each leg of the relay race, shifting from sport to sport as a “human baton” . During this adrenalin-filled race series, the baton athlete is the navigator and wingman to the expert drivers, pilots, jockeys and race team who propel their baton athletes forward through the racecourse and across each terrain to the finish line. 

Team Endeavor

The Endeavour Fund is a UK based charity that uses sport as a tool for recovery for veterans of the British Military Service.

Team Endeavour uses the excitement and challenge of Thundercat racing to support their members rehabilitation.

GameFace Consulting

By leveraging the power of sports psychology, GameFace Consulting helps athletes take their performance to the next level.

Dr. Kim Lannon helps clients eliminate mental blocks, enhance training, and be their best when it counts most.


Raider Outboards

With Raider engines on tactical boats from IBR.US, our special operations watercraft reach a level of quality that we are proud to put our names behind

Raider Outboards is a US-owned and operated company based in Florida that designs and produces multi-fuel, submersible, lightweight outboard motors for commercial, military, and search and rescue clientele. Raider Outboards can withstand airdrops and submarine launches and enable the operators to complete their missions successfully and come home safe.

BbTalkin USA

Offering the best waterproof communication devices for any activity on the water.

BbTalkin keeps it simple- offering one device that is not only for the water, but can be used for all your rugged outdoor adventures. Advance Units have built-in long-range Bluetooth, connecting up to 4 people in real-time, and microphones are designed with superior noise-canceling technology.

Seadek Marine

After research, testing and development, SeakDek began manufacturing custom, non-ski, marine decking in 2002, Using a unique foam material they offered an innovative alternative, quickly replacing products that had been the industry standard for years.

Seadek PE/EVA foam is available in a variety of textures, thicknesses, and colors for endless customization. Formulated with a high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive, installation is easy and requires no mounting hardware. Offering exceptional traction, even when wet and comfortable, shock absorbing surfaces that protect boat surfaces, SeaDek is a step above the rest.


Falcon Inflatables

Marius Heyneman started Falcon Inflatables in the 1980’s. Since then this family business has been a vanguard of the inflatable industry.

What makes them unique? Driven by innovation and perseverance, they thrive on designing and refining every detail. Falcon hulls are designed purposefully, and tested thoroughly to make sure each and every component outlasts the competitors.

Gemini Marine

The Zapcat is Gemini’s evolving range of internationally recognized race boats. This Cape Town (SA) based inflatable manufacturer is  a leading force in the race and rescue markets.

Trans-Agulhas Challenge and World Championship winning racer. The United Nations, Olympic Security, and Singapore Special Forces These drivers all trust and depend on the reliable performance of the Gemini brand.

Infanta Inflatables

Infanta began manufacturing inflatable boats in 1985. Since then they have produced championship winning Thundercats with top quality materials.

Using imported German Valmex (PVC) and thermo-welded seams, Infanta’s P-1 Pencil Thundercat is a consistently high performing boat in the international racing world.