Looking Forward

Looking Forward

2020 was a challenge, but in spite of it all there were moments of light that shone through.

As this year approaches its eagerly anticipated end we want to dwell on the good people, experiences, and opportunities that kept us going.

Building Community

Along the way we kept our doors open for experienced racers as well as amateurs and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Building a Thundercat community in the US is a job we could not do alone.

By keeping open lines of communication with clients, racers, and manufacturers we are building something for all of us.

Building Our Brand

Early this year IBR.US began importing recreational, rescue, and special operations watercraft.

Working with top manufacturers, and US partners we have expanded our line to meet the needs of all inflatable boat markets.

Whether for search & rescue, charters, or law enforcement, IBR.US has an inflatable boat that delivers versatility and performance.

Happy New Year

From the IBR.US Family, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe new year.

Despite the challenges of the last year, we are looking forward to what comes next!