Phoenix VMX-140

Phoenix VMX-140

The Phoenix VMX-140 by Raptor Marine is lightweight, catamaran style boat designed for surf rescue.

Inspired by Thundercat race boats, the Phoenix VMX-140 is an agile surf rescue vessel with a unique design.

Surf Rescue

The unique catamaran design of the VMX-140 makes for an adaptable boat with the speed, stability, and maneuverability to navigate wave-breaks and otherwise inaccessible rescue situations.


The Phoenix VMX-140 is a fully inflatable, Valmex boat constructed with thermally welded seams. Composite floorboards and foam padding provide a durable, non-slip surface for pilot and passengers. 

14’ external length | 198 lbs | 2 person | 1100 lbs. buoyancy


Mounted to the bow of the boat is an extendable ladder allowing crew to reach an additional 12′ forward into hard to reach areas.


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