Infanta P-1

Infanta P-1

Thundercat Racing and Infanta Inflatables have been synonymous in the top circuits of the international racing scene for decades.

When manufacturing Thundercat Racing boats, Infanta uses top quality materials and superior construction methods to offer a boat that can meet any challenge. With Valmex PVC tubing and welded seams, Infanta Inflatables offer durability and performance in any circumstance.


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Shock absorbing tunnel hull design is stable in extreme conditions

Hydrodynamic design for low drag and maximum speed/maneuverability

Lightweight build for fuel efficiency, easy towing, launching, and recovery

  • Built for 2 passengers
  • Lightweight design ( 187 lbs.)
  • 13.3′ external length
  • 7.5′ internal length
  • 6.7′ widest point
  • 1100 lbs. buoyancy


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