Dive 470/530

Dive 470/530

The Dive Series by Gemini Marine are formidable, fully inflatable boats for transport and patrol.

Dive Series models are built to maintain performance and stability while carrying maximum loads.  Available in two sizes (4.7m and 5.3m).

Max Load Transport

With large buoyancy tubes and an empty weight of under 400lbs, these full inflatables are capable of carrying up to 2200lbs,  allowing drivers, crew, and equipment to be transported with ease.

Dive 470

15.5′ external | 11.2′ internal
6.9′ wide | 1.75′ tube diameter
330 lbs | 6 people | 1984 lbs max load

Dive 530

17.3′ external | 13.1′ internal
6.9′ wide | 1.75′ tube diameter
375lbs | 8 people | 2200 lbs max load


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