Falcon 390 YT

Falcon 390YT

The 390YT is the newest and smallest rigid hull inflatable boat in the Falcon range.

Designed for the beginner or as a tender for large yachts, the 390YT is nimble, light and easy to handle. Either with tilller or remote steering, the 390YT is a sure winner.

All Falcon’s Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) tubes are fully thermo-welded with European manufactured Valmex. Customizable cabin, seating, and accessory options are available.

  • Built for 5 passengers
  • 297 lbs empty weight
  • 12.8′ external length
  • 9.8′ internal length
  • 6.5′ widest point
  • 1.67′ tube diameter
  • 1345 lbs. buoyancy

Download full spec sheet here


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