Cut-Away Helmet

Cut-Away Helmet

Gecko Head Gear designed the cut away marine safety helmet to allow for ear defenders to be worn and to meet the needs of people working in high noise environments.

The cut away marine safety helmet is a variation of our popular open face helmet model with the side sections of the helmet removed to allow for ear protection to be worn with the helmet. The cut away sections do not compromise on the safety of the helmet as it still meets the BSI marine safety helmet standard PAS 028:2002.

The Cut Away has been designed with an open ear shape that is compatible with most ear defenders.

The neck is cut high to allow users full motion of their head. This also allows for life jackets to be used and not push the helmet up from the back and obscure user vision.

Cut-Away Helmet (Hover for zoom)

Every Gecko helmet is a carefully crafted, made to order product.

Customizable to fit your specific marine head gear needs, including: color options, UV visors, radio communications headsets, lights, liners, and logos/livery.


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