Special Operations

Tactical, adaptable, inflatable.

IBR.US is committed to providing the highest quality watercraft that ensure special operations missions are successful and crews get home safe. Whether performing patrol duties, coastal surveillance, MEDEVAC, or military missions, IBR.US has a special operations boat to get the job done and get the crew home safe.

Soft-bottom Inflatable Boats are fast, stealthy, and lightweight, watercraft. The design of a soft-bottom inflatable combined with a jet drive (rather than a traditional propellor) allows these boats to maintain peak performance in extremely shallow water. Easily stowed when deflated, these boats can be launched from submerged submarines or air-dropped from helicopters allowing operators to remain virtually undetectable for insertion/extraction missions.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are aggressive, tactical watercraft that will power through extreme weather and withstand the roughest blue and brown water missions. With their reinforced hull and larger size, RIBs are capable of carrying more people, handling more horsepower, and taking more hits than their soft-bottom counterparts. 


  • Fully thermo-welded seams which maintain durability in extreme conditions without the need to deflate.
  • Ultra durable Valmex PVC (1650gsm) tube construction with high UV resistance.
  • Jet drive propulsion systems that are safer, quieter, and more efficient than traditional propellers.
  • Developed for multi-mission capabilities with customizable cabins, seating, and mounted artillery designed to give operators everything they need to complete the mission.
Falcon Ambulance - IBR.US
IBR.US Ceasar Surfact 13 ft Rescue

IBR.US & Raider Outboards

When working with manufacturers, IBR.US maintains very high standards. Our partnership with Raider Outboards is no exception. Raider is a US-owned and operated company based in Florida that designs and produces multi-fuel, submersible, lightweight outboard motors for commercial, military, and search and rescue clientele. Raider Outboards can withstand airdrops and submarine launches and enable the operators to complete their missions and come home.

With Raider Outboard motors on tactical inflatable boats from IBR.US we provide special operations watercraft that reach a level of quality we are proud to put our names behind.