Ceasar Bullet

Ceasar Bullet

Ceasar’s Racing Bullet is an award winning Thundercat and a great all around inflatable boat.

 Ceasar Inflatables have won many titles over the past ten years and racing plays a big part in the development of their products.

Shock absorbing tunnel hull design is stable in extreme conditions

Aero/hydro-dynamic design for low drag, speed/manueverability, and fuel efficiency

Lightweight build for easy towing, launching, and recovery

  • Built for 2 passengers
  • Lightweight design
  • 13.5′ external length
  • 6.2′ widest point
  • 770 lbs. buoyancy


Questions about models or specifications? Looking to make an order? For purchases, questions, and other inquiries send us an email or give us a call using our webform.

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